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Fire Roasted Asiago Garlic Poblano Burger Recipe, It's Really Friggin Amazing!

Chicago Johnny's Roasted Poblano Asiago Burger
Fire Roasted Poblano Asiago Garlic Burger
Some flavors just mesh, when you taste them together, you just 'get' it! With this burger you get the immediate creaminess of the roasted garlic, the tang & bite from Asiago, & the smooth rich earthy flavor from the fire roasted poblano pepper. On top of that you get the rich flavor from the Volpi salami & sweetness from caramelized onion. This s&^t is just friggin' fantastic!

I use Chicago Johnny's Burger Seasoning to crust & flavor your burger patties to a perfection. You also want a burger iron (found on the Chicago Johnny's recipe section) to flatten your patties & give them a nice dark crust!

To make this recipe you will need:
•Fire Roasted Poblano Pepper (either in a broiler, stove top, or on the grill)
•Volpi salami
•Asiago Cheese
•Ground Beef
•Crusty Italian Bread
•Caramelized Onions
•Roasted Garlic
•Burger Iron
•Cast Iron Skillet
•Love & Patience For The Kitchen
•Chicago Johnny's Burger Seasoning
•Chicago Johnny's Hot Giardiniera or Sauteed Jalepeno *Optional*

• The best burgers are two thin patties pressed hard with a burger iron, seasoned well to get a crust, & the toppings round out a well thought flavor profile. *You can get a burger iron through the Chicago Johnny’s website on the recipe page for this burger!

• Roasted garlic has none of the ‘bite’ that you get from raw garlic. Once garlic is roasted it becomes much sweeter, & milder in flavor. When roasted properly, the garlic will spread like butter!

• Fire roasting poblano peppers can be done in a broiler, stove top, or on the grill. Simply char the skin & blacken the pepper with your flame, peel the skin off under running warm water, & take the seeds out of your pepper.

• You can sauté some sliced fresh jalapeño to add some heat to this burger or Chicago Johnny’s Hot Giardiniera to really intensify the flavor!

Poblano Burger
Roasted Poblano Garlic Burger Recipe
Make sure you have a burger iron that fits into your cast iron skillet! Start your skillet on medium heat for 3-5 minutes so that the pan is hot when you place your meat into the pan, also heat up your burger iron on another flame (low) so that your iron is hot when you press your burger. While heating, split your ground beef into two 3 oz. sections & roll into two balls. Have your Italian bread, roasted garlic, fire roasted poblano (seeded & peeled), asiago, & Volpi salami ready. Once your burger patties are cooked you are going to heat up all of your ingredients & layer them together.

Toast your crusty Italian bread & butter if desired. Your skillet & iron should be hot, so slab a bit of butter in your skillet, place one ground beef ball in the pan & liberally sprinkle Chicago Johnny’s Burger Seasoning on & around the meat, about 4 inches around. Let your beef cook 20 seconds & then smash (and I mean smash) the beef flat as can be with the hot iron. You want a crust on your burger, & the meat will ‘talk’ to you as it cooks. You should hear some good sizzling. After about 40-50 seconds take your iron off, sprinkle some more Chicago Johnny’s Burger Seasoning, & flip the patty. Put the iron back on & cook for 20 seconds. Repeat for your other patty.

With the skillet still hot, warm up your poblano, roasted garlic, caramelized onion, Volpi salami, & pile your shredded asiago (or sliced) on the skillet. Once warmed through you can assemble your burger! First a slice of toast, then your roasted garlic cloves, then your Volpi salami, (*then your sauteed jalapeño if you chose to do so), one burger patty, 1/2 of your melted asiago, the other burger patty, the other 1/2 of your asiago, your roasted poblano, caramelized onion, & your other toast!

Enjoy wit’ da best beer Chicago has to offer, an Old Style!

 Curious about what made Chicago Johnny famous? Grab a pint of Chicago Johnny's Hot Giardiniera Or Dark Alley Hot Sauce!

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