Monday, January 9, 2017

Chicagos Favorite Giardiniera Best Chicago Peppers

Best Chicago Giardiniera
Growing up & living in the Chicago area we have been spoiled with culinary genius! Deep dish pizzas, Italian beef 'sangwiches', the country's best Polish sausages, hot dog joints on every street.... but one thing we have in Chicago that no other region has been able to comprehend is Chicago Style Giardiniera. 

Chicago Style Giardiniera is believed to have come about in the 1920's as an antipasto with vegetables from the small backyard gardens of Chicago of Italian immigrants tossed in olive oil. Eventually these vegetables were pickled before being stored in oil to last longer. I've grown up with giardiniera on pizza, Italian beef sandwiches, hot dogs, in pasta, in chili, we put this s&*% on just about anything you could imagine. 

Chicagos Best Chef
Chicago Johnny Eating Cheesy Dog W/ Giardiniera
So who makes the best friggin' giardiniera in Chicago? This guy! What started out as a hobby making a gallon or two to suffice my appetite, then 3 or 4 gallons for family & friends, then cases upon cases of the delicious Chicago condiment to sell. This stuff is so good, as Colin of Fungtional Forge testified, "It must be made with angel tears." Delivering cases of Chicago Johnny's from a busted up old Volvo I started my way to what is now Chicago's Favorite Giardiniera

Chicago Johnnys Giardiniera is hand packed in Chicago, made with olive oil, spiced to the britches, & a bold, smoky, earthy flavored condiment. This stuff is so good I've had people eat whole jars at a time with tortilla chips, in chili, on pork roasts, slow cooked in a crock pot with round roasts, on nachos, on pizzas, cold cut sandwiches, just about anything you could think of I've had people write me to tell me that it is the best friggin' thing they've ever eaten!

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