Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Best Dark Hot Sauce

Best Hot Sauce Ever
Best Hot Sauce Ever

Seriously, The Best Hot Sauce, Ever!

Just as dark & gritty as Chicago's history, Chicago Johnny's Dark Alley Hot Sauce is dark, rich, earthy, bold & full flavored. A subtle heat but a heavy kick in flavor, this stuff is top notch! Made from scratch with fire roasted poblano peppers, roasted garlic, hot peppers, smoked chilies, spices, vinegar, & portabella mushrooms. You've seriously never had anything like this.

Chicago Johnny's Dark Alley Hot Sauce is thick, not like your traditional hot sauces. It's full flavored with very little sour that you traditionally get from vinegar based hot sauces. It's made from scratch with white & red wine vinegar as the only preservatives. Fresh vegetables are the base of this dish, which makes it deep, earthy, & rich in flavor.

A great sauce for beef, pork, chicken, or even on a burger! I had one guy try a dab of this stuff on a spoon & he immediately bought an entire case, it's that friggin good!
Voodoo Chicken Nachos
Voodoo Chicken Nachos

 Pair it up with Chicago Johnny's Cajun Seasoning & make voodoo chicken! Simply pan fry chicken thighs with the cajun seasoning & sauce it with Dark Alley Hot Sauce for a smoky, spicy, rich Voodoo Chicken! Turn it into a Po' Boy Sandwich with homemade remoulade or shred your chicken & make Voodoo Chicken Nachos! Friggin' Delicious!

chicagos best giardineira
Chicagos Best Giardiniera

Want to try what all of Chicago is talking about? Chicago Johnny's Giardiniera is hand made in
Chicago. Bold, smoky, earthy, & friggin delicious! Chicago's Favorite Giardiniera!

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